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The global launch of WoW Classic is drawing close. As a Vanilla WoW veteran, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to share some tips for new and returning players alike. Enjoy these Ten Top Tips for WoW Classic!

1. Make friends with a Mage.

If you see a mage while you’re out and about, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Mages can offer some amazing services, as long as you ask nicely.

They can conjure food and drinks out of thin air, allowing you to regain health and mana between pulling mobs. Furthermore, it’s made of thin air and only costs mana, while the stuff you buy from NPC’s costs gold! That’s not to say you don’t want to offer the friendly Mage a tip though! If you want them to make you some more conjured refreshments, you best stay on their good side!

Another huge benefit of having a Mage friend is portals. With no flying in Classic, other than the flight points, getting to where you need to be can be a time consuming endeavor. Mages can provide portals to all of your faction’s capital cites, providing a time saving method of transportation. Again, ask nicely and offer them a tip for their service, after all, they saved you precious time!

2. Plan your pulls.

Killing packs of mobs, be it in the outside world or in dungeons, is not the same in Classic as it is in Battle for Azeroth. The best way to describe it is to try and imagine every mob having a Fortified affix! Nothing will get your butt kicked like pulling a murloc and having to deal with 6 of his friends.

If you need to pull in a populated area, it’s important to watch for patrols. It might looks safe now, but there can always be angry beasties lurking in the shadows! Keep in mind that aggro range is quite a lot larger in Classic as well, so mind your movement. If you’re not careful, you might be running away from a pack of mobs and run straight into another!

This is even more important in Dungeons. Most, if not all, dungeons will have loads of patrolling mobs and reckless pulls will almost always cause your group to wipe. Let tanks take their time, use crowd control and most importantly, communicate!

3. Get those flight paths.

If you’re questing in an area close to an undiscovered flight path, it will pay off to go get that flight path while you’re there. You’ll find this will occur quite often when you’re nearing the end of a zone’s quest chain.

One of the best and earliest examples is the Lakeshire flight point in Redridge Mountains. While you’re questing in Elwynn Forest, you’ll eventually end up in the Eastvale Logging Camp. Since this is not Cataclysm, there’s no flight point there! From there, it’s only a short run to Lakeshire to get the flight point.
If you want to know how much time that’s going to save you, just look up when you will need to go there for a quest for the first time. That quest is The Defias Brotherhood, and it starts in Sentinel Hill in Westfall! As you can see on the map, that’s quite a walk, even if you fly to Goldshire first! Be efficient, get the flight points before you need them!


4. Mind your spendings.

In WoW Classic, gold is hard to come by. You’ll want to have 100 gold by the time you hit level 40 so you can buy your first mount (more on that later). It’s imperative you don’t throw anything away, ever! Even grey items have value as vendor trash. As a rule of thumb, don’t discard items unless your bags are full and you’re too far away from a vendor to make it worth the trip.

Try not to get caught up in buying new gear every level. Sure, there will be plenty of shiny new weapons and armor pieces on offer on the AH, but that new hammer will be useless after 3 levels. The ability to mount up and get to where you need to be faster will be far more valuable.

5. Ding 40! Go get that mount!

As soon as you hit level 40 and provided you have the gold needed, drop whatever you’re doing and get that mount! Okay, go turn in the quests you were working on or finish your dungeon and then go get that mount. You might thing it would be a waste of time to head back to your capital city just to buy the mount. However, even if you’re in the arse end of nowhere, the time you will save on all your future travels will more than make up for it. GO GET THAT MOUNT!

Mounts are cheap, they only cost 1 gold! It’s the level 40 riding skill that will set you back 100 gold! At level 60, that will cost you a whopping 1000 gold! Keep in mind, those amounts are not accounting for faction discounts, so you might want to grind some rep before you buy your level 60 riding skill.

6. Don’t fear the grind.

During your adventures, you will sometimes find that the next part of a quest chain is just a level too high for you. Questing content in Classic, like most things, is completely different from what we’re used to. Get ahead of the leveling curve by having some short grinding sessions in between questing. There are many sweet spots that are densely populated where you can spend some time killing mobs. Make sure you pick a spot with low player activity (good luck with that on launch day), close to a vendor and ideally not to many big packs of mobs.

You’ll find grinding to be a highly efficient way of gaining experience. Just don’t overdo it, make sure you don’t burn yourself out and make sure you have some nice grinding music on the background.

7. Dungeons? Fill up your quest log!

Dungeons are a great source of gear and offer decent experience, provided you have all the relevant quests for that dungeon in your quest log. You don’t want to finish a dungeon and find out your group is turning in a quest you forgot to pick up. If you’re not sure, you can always check a Dungeon Guides to see if you have them all.

While we’re on the topic of dungeons, I would like to remind you that a lot of dungeons have an attunement requirement. Usually these attunements come at the end of a quest chain relevant to that dungeon. If in doubt, there is an excellent Attunement Guide available.

8. Dungeon grinding? No thanks!

Another big difference between Classic and the current expansion. Besides their quests, dungeons don’t give an awful lot of experience. Dungeon mobs give almost the same exp as regular mobs and there’s no exp bonus for finishing a dungeon either. The story changes once you hit level 60, when you will be grinding the high level dungeons for your pre-raid gear.

There is an exception by the way. It has been pointed out to me that a lot of people are looking for groups for dungeon grinding. However, these are specialized groups that focus on tremendous amounts of AoE and cleave to speedrun through dungeons. So yeah, if you’re going to roflstomp through them, dungeons are good exp!
Credit to Kaya of the Pyrewood Discord for pointing this out to me!

9. Be a professional!

We’ve established that gold is hard to come by and you will need every bit of it you can get. In my previous blog post, I briefly touched on the importance of professions. No matter which professions you decided on, pick them up ASAP! They will help you make some gold, gear, consumables, … There is no reason whatsoever to hold off learning your professions.

While you’re at it, don’t forget your secondary professions! Cooking will make sure you have something to eat when you need to regain some health, fishing will provide ingredients needed for said cooking and you might even get lucky and fish up some precious treasure! And while we’re on the subject of secondary professions …

10. Save a life with First Aid!

Even though First Aid hasn’t been gone for that long, a lot of us have already forgotten it was ever a thing. The last tip I will share with you is literally a lifesaver! Tailors may have a case for not spending their cloth on First Aid, but everyone else should craft bandages early and often. When I was playing WoW Classic back when it was just called World of Warcraft, First Aid saved my life more times than I can remember.

It’s not just the bandages, First Aid offers a range of Anti-Venom items, allowing non-healers to cure themselves of pesky poisons. Learn it, use it, you can thank me later!

Have any suggestions? Did I miss out on some invaluable piece of wisdom? Let me know in the comments which tip you would offer a new or returning player for WoW Classic!

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