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What happens when a Beast Mastery Hunter wants to tame a rare spawn with a unique skin that also drops a pretty cool mount?
Spoiler alert! The answer is: a pretty heated discussion!

Soundless? Never heard of it!

Before we get into the discussion of killing vs taming an ultra-rare spawn, allow me to introduce you to Soundless.

Soundless is a rare spawn found in the Coral Forest area of Nazjatar. I have marked the area on the map provided for your convenience. It seems to be on a 2 to 8 hour respawn timer.

Why would you silence Soundless?

The reason for killing Soundless is pretty simple. It drops a mount. Not just any mount, a Fathom Ray mount! It’s called the Silent Glider and it’s only one of three available Fathom Ray mounts in the game. It comes in an extremely pretty shade of black.

The other two mounts are sold by their respective faction vendors.
The Ankoan Waveray is the Alliance version and it should come to no surprise that it’s … blue. As for the Horde, they get the Unshackled Waveray and you guessed it, it’s red.

You’d have to be pretty lucky to get it on your first kill though, since the Silent Glider has an unfathomably low drop rate. Whenever Soundless is up, you will usually see people calling it out in general chat. Good luck getting there on time if you’re not already in the area though. More often than not, raid groups will be formed in the group finder to get as many people as possible a chance for the mount!

Hunters! Make some noise!

Here’s where things get tricky. Try explaining to a 40 man raid that you’d prefer them not to kill Soundless because you want to tame it. Yeah, that won’t go so well.

Ever since Vanilla, World of Warcraft players have been collecting things. Mounts, pets, toys, weapons and armor for transmog, … you name it. Part of being a Hunter is collecting pets. Throughout the expansions, there have been countless tameable beasties with unique skins or abilities that were sought after by Hunters.
Sambas, Gib the Banana-Hoarder, Deth’tilac, Loque’nahak, … They all have a permanent place in my stables.

What makes Soundless so appealing for Hunters is not just its unique black skin. Soundless is a Fathom Ray, or Wave Ray or whatever you want to call it, it belongs to the Ray pet family. Rays are one of the most useful pet families in the game besides Spirit Beasts.
They’re Ferocity, so they provide you with Predator’s Thirst and Primal Rage, which are always nice to have, especially in Mythic+ where you don’t always have a Shaman or a Mage. Their family ability is Nether Shock, an offensive dispell which is indispensable whether you’re raiding, running dungeons or soloing.

That’s a lot of words to just say that plenty of Hunters want to tame Soundless.

I got quite an earful.

As you can see, the whole killing vs taming situation can be a dilemma. If you want to tame it and there’s nobody else around, go for it. Don’t even think twice, just do it! But what if there’s a group of 20 people waiting to kill it until everyone gets there. Would you ask them to not kill it so you can tame it? Would they even care?

When you think about it, it’s all about probabilities. Let’s say we have a 40 man raid looking at Soundless, waiting to pull it. If we kill it, someone might get a mount. If we let a hunter tame it, that hunter will get a pet. The pet is guaranteed, the mount is not. But … is it fair of a hunter to expect people to give up their chance for a mount for a guaranteed pet? There’s plenty of other pets, but there’s also plenty of other mounts.

I had this whole discussion on Discord with a guildmate of mine not so long ago. I was farming herbs in the Coral Forest and we just happened to be talking about Soundless and how Hunters should not be allowed to tame it. According to him, it’s even a mistake on Blizzard’s part to make Soundless tameable. We kept going back and forth until I saw a star on my minimap … It was Soundless!

My heart skipped a beat, I flew over there and saw nobody around … Did I kill it? Or did I tame it?

How could I not tame it!? Look at it! It’s absolutely gorgeous!
On top of that, it goes so well with the whole Aquaman thing I got going on right now.

Make no mistake, I still intend to farm it for the mount. But since there was nobody around, it seemed to be the perfect time to tame it.

Needless to say, my guildmate was not amused and some strong language was uttered. But what about you? Would you let a hunter tame it? Or if you’re a hunter, would you rage if people killed it while you wanted to tame it? I’d love to hear all about your thoughts on the subject in the comments below! Just keep it civil.