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There is a lot to look forward to in Patch 8.1.5. Two new Allied Races, the return of the Brawler’s Guild, Tools of the Trade, and much more. I look forward to all those new bits of content, but nothing excites me more than to be reunited with Hati. When Patch 8.0.1 went live on July 17, 2018, Beast Mastery Hunters had to say goodbye to the goodest of boys.
Finally, Hati is making his return!

Spark of Genius

Our quest to bring back Hati starts in Boralus (or Dazar’alor for the Horde), where we find an Image of Mimiron, asking us to meet at his Inventor’s Library in Storm Peaks. Apparently, some odd energy signatures have tripped several detection relays Mimiron installed after Sargeras stabbed Azeroth.

Once we arrive there, we meet up with Grif Wildheart, the Dwarf that accompanied us on our initial Titanstrike Artifact Weapon quest in Legion. Or as Mimiron likes to call him, Brann Bronzebeard, further reinforcing the racial stereotype that all Dwarves look alike.

Mimiron quickly goes to work on his telemetry devices and before you can say “What could possibly go wrong?”, several residual energy signatures materialize. After dispatching of these hostile energies, Mimiron points out there are two distinct signatures that belong to Hati. Both manifesting at locations where Hati performed great sacrifices.

The Huntsman’s Creed

The first energy signature is located at the Temple of Storms. It is there were Hati absorbed Titanstrike’s power in order to save us from the overloading energies.

For us Beast Mastery hunters, it was the end of our Artifact Weapon scenario, and the beginning of a wonderful companionship that would last through countless adventures.

We find the Essence of Hati, apparently confused and in distress. Before we can absorb it into the Thunderspark, we must first subdue it. Begrudgingly, we do so with force.

Paid in Blood

The second trace of Hati’s Essence is located in Silithus, where Hati managed to sever his essence from the Thunderspark as we drained its power to stop the Sword of Sargeras from further corrupting Azeroth. It is now with that same depleted Thunderspark that we are hoping to reform Hati.

As was the case at the Temple of Storms, the Essence of Hati must first be subdued in order to absorb it into the Thunderspark. Once finished, another Image of Mimiron appears to inform us preparations for Hati’s reformation have been completed. We must hurry to the Spark of Imagination in Ulduar at once to start the process!

Bonds of Thunder

All of our travelling back and forth is about to come to an end.

We meet up with Mimiron at the Spark of Imagination within Ulduar to finally reform Hati. While we were out and about, Mimiron was busy making all the necessary preparations. The moment has finally come.

That cut-scene had me gasping. The little whimper that Hati lets out when he recognizes my character. The excited facial expression on my hunter says it all.

Hunters all over the world will have been waiting 239 days for this exact moment. But our businesses with Mimiron are not quite over yet …

Homeward Bound

After being reunited with Hati, Mimiron has one last thing for us. We are to meet Thorim at the Temple of Storms once again. Through the Thunderspark, we are able to summon all of the different appearances of Hati for us to tame. Including an all new skin called “Hati’s Sacrifice”.

Mimiron has been kind enough to supply us with a Stable Master at the Temple of Storms, so we can tame all of the Hatis and stable them without having to go back and forth.

The second special NPC we are provided with is Clockwerk. Clockwerk sells several toys and other items that have special interactions with Hati. There’s a rubber ball for Hati to play fetch with, a fez and even an item that allows you to mount Hati! I would recommend to stock up on any and all of these items you intend on using, since they have a limited duration and it’s quite a trek to Storm Peaks!

It’s very hard for me to express into words how excited I am to finally have Hati back! I know, I know “Morty, it’s just pixels”. It’s not just pixels, it’s Hati! And Hati is a good boy! He’s the goodest of boys! And it feels damn good to finally have him back. The only problem now is: how do I explain this to Mana Del Ray?