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Many new things are coming to Patch 8.1: Tides of Vengeance. One of those “new” features is Incursions. Why the air quotes? Find out in this issue of the Battle for Azeroth Bulletin!

Same Same

Remember Legion Assaults from the previous expansion? Well, they’re back. For those of you that didn’t play Legion or don’t remember, Assaults were a zone-wide event in which the Burning Legion attacked a specific zone, shut down all World Quests and had event-specific objectives.

The premise is simple enough: as soon as you enter a zone under attack, you get a quest to complete 4 event-specific World Quests. The quest will reward either War Resources, Azerite Power or a cache containing a piece of Azerite Armor or a Weapon.

But Different

The different between Legion Assaults and Battle for Azeroth Incursions is that, this time, it’s not demons. Keeping with the general theme of the expansion, Alliance and Horde will get a different experience out of these Incursions.

Battle for Azeroth is all about faction conflict, and Incursions are no different. The Alliance will see their zones in Kul Tiras under attack from the Horde, and the Horde zones in Zandalar will be assaulted by the Alliance. So, no Burning Legion this time, just 7th Legion and The Honorbound.

Completing the World Quests and the meta-quest will reward reputation with the zone-specific faction as well as either the 7th Legion for the Alliance or The Honorbound for the Horde.

But Still Same

Make no mistake, I’m not having a go at Blizzard for recycling a feature of a previous expansion. That’s what game development is like, especially for a game that’s going into its 14th Anniversary next month. Going forward, they keep the things that worked, and get rid of the things that didn’t.

Legion Assaults added some variety to the daily World Quest/Emissary grind, and so will Incursions. The rewards will still have value to most people, especially the Azerite Power and gear. It will also provide some extra reputation for players not yet exalted or players grinding Paragon reputation, if/when Paragon reputation makes its way to Battle for Azeroth.

That’s it for Incursions! Not a hugely long post, but it’s a simple and straightforward feature after all. Be sure to tune in next week, for more Patch 8.1: Tides of Vengeance goodness in the next issue of the Battle for Azeroth Bulletin!