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Last week, <Exiles> stood face to face with a new challenge in Uldir Mythic, the Fetid Devourer. All of a sudden, it dawned on us we had a lot of optimization and min/maxing to do…
On top of that, Blizzcon is just around the corner and the forums al abuzz with all sorts of predictions and speculations.

Blood, Gore and Victory!

Before we get to Fetid Devourer, allow me to share the Vectis kill with you. It was just one of those fights. We spent an hour wiping, messy pulls, stupid mistakes, … A less optimistic person would quickly jump to the conclusion of it being a wipefest all evening with no progress at all. Then, about an hour into the raid, everything suddenly came together and out of all that mess came a pretty damn clean kill.

I’m extremely proud of our raid team for the impressive progress we’re making. For a guild that only raids Mythic twice a week, we’re not doing bad at all. We’re doing pretty good even.

As for the kill video, once again it’s a recording from my stream, I’m still teaching myself video editing to make the videos a bit more snazzy. Luckily there will be many more raid tiers to come for me to hone my editing skills.

The Fetid Devourer

After our first kill on Vectis, we spent the remainder of the raid taking a peek at Fetid Devourer. We hadn’t properly prepared tactics yet, so it was messy. Last Thursday, we went back into Uldir Mythic and re-cleared every boss including Vectis. We found ourselves at Fetid Devourer once again, this time with the proper tactical preparations.

One thing became painfully clear very quickly: Fetid Devourer is one tough motherlover of a DPS check! The different adds that spawn at regular intervals throughout the fight need to be taken down before they can cast their Enticing Essence. Should the adds get that cast off, the boss will consume the add and heal to full health. The main problem with killing the adds is, we have to do it while dealing with spreading out with debuffs and getting knocked back across the encounter area.

So, DPS check and perfect mechanical execution requirements, the makings of a tough boss fight. Execution is all about practice. In order to get more practice, we need more damage output in order to survive the first add phase. I’ve been working hard towards optimizing my character even further. I’ve used several of the resources mentioned in the Week 3 Bulletin to min-max even further.

One of the last things I can currently do to increase my DPS output is a race change. As it currently stands, the Lightforged Draenei have the best damage increasing racial skill with Light’s Judgement. It is the best racial for single target by a small margin, for AoE and cleave situations it is quite far ahead of the other racials. Of course, a race change is not just about the racial ability, it’s also cosmetic. I don’t mind (Lightforged) Draenei, I just don’t see me playing one myself. As with many things, the pros and cons need to be made. Essentially, it boils down to “Is the Lightforged Draenei racial a big enough DPS increase to justify spending money on a race change and playing something I don’t find visually appealing?”.

I’m still on the fence about it and will have to make a decision soon, preferably before our next Fetid Devourer raid.

Blizzcon 2018: Theories, Speculation and Predictions

The past couple of weeks, the community websites, social media and the forums have been buzzing with all sorts of theories and speculations about Blizzcon. Ranging from “Yeah makes sense, sounds good” to “WTF have you been smoking”, the truth is usually somewhere in between. One of the most interesting posts was linked on Exiles discord a while ago, and I thought I’d share it here with you.

There are countless of those kind of posts across different media. However, each year, there’s one of those posts that is actually 100% (or close to) accurate. For Blizzcon 2018, I believe this one to be it.

True or not, real or troll, we’ll know by the end of Blizzcon, It does, however, reinforce what I expect for Blizzcon in terms of World of Warcraft. No big reveals, no huge news. Which makes sense. We’re 11 weeks into Battle for Azeroth, the next big content patch has only been revealed a month or so ago. Blizzcon falls right smack in between the release of an expansion and the release of a major content patch.

Too early to talk about the next expansion, way too early. We’ve only just started the current one. There will be some talk about 8.2, possibly even 8.3, but that will be vague, general outlines without a lot of detail.

I believe this year, World of Warcraft will not get the biggest reveals at Blizzcon. That honor will go to Overwatch.

One of the Blizzcon events I look forward to the most, is the mini-MDI. Mythic+ Dungeons is one of my favorite types of content in World of Warcraft and it’s always interesting to see how the pro players deal with certain mechanics in high keystone Mythic+ Dungeons.

The “World of Warcraft: What’s Next” panel will also be one to watch for sure. I believe this is where we will learn a bit more about 8.2 and possibly even 8.3. We know pretty much everything there is about 8.1. It’s been on the PTR for a while now and has been datamined extensively. Furthermore, I believe the focus will be on the storyline rather than actual features and content. Battle for Azeroth is already one of the most story-driven expansions in the history of World of Warcraft, and I believe Blizzard will only expand on the story in the future of Battle for Azeroth and World of Warcraft in general.

Whatever may be in store for us this Blizzcon, we will learn all about it soon enough. As you may expect, you will be able to read all about it in the next issue of the Battle for Azeroth Bulletin!