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One of the most anticipated changes in Patch 8.1: Tides of Vengeance is the addition of new Azerite Traits and a new outer ring on all pieces of Azerite Gear. Curious about what this all means going forward? Well, look no further, you can read all about it in this issue of the Battle for Azeroth Bulletin!

The Fifth Ring

Currently on the 8.1 PTR, only Battle of Dazar’alor raid armor pieces have the fifth ring of Azerite Traits added to them. Blizzard already stated that it is their intention to add this extra ring to all pieces of Azerite Armor.

The Fifth Ring consists of class specific traits only, no generic traits, and you get 2 traits per spec. Meaning all classes get 6 traits on the new outer ring, Druids get 8, Demon Hunters get 4.

The result of this extra ring means a whole lot more choice in terms of Azerite Traits, a substantial increase in power and a whole lot less “crappy” Azerite Armor pieces. Right now, I hear a lot of people complaining about having an ilvl 385 Azerite Armor piece that that can’t use because the ilvl 370 piece has much better traits. The number of Azerite Armor pieces with those BiS traits has now increased massively.

As an example below, I chose to show the Azerite Traits of the crown dropped by Opulence, the gold/treasure elemental in the Battle of Dazar’alor raid for Hunter, Demon Hunter and Druid.

More Traits, More Drops!

Besides more traits on our Azerite Armor, we also get more Azerite Armor from the new raid! Currently, in Uldir, for each class, there’s 5 pieces of Azerite Armor from the raid. Two slots have 2 pieces each, and then one slot only has 1 piece. In 8.1, each of the 9 bosses in Battle of Dazar’alor will drop an Azerite Armor piece!

Each slot of Azerite Armor now has 3 potential drops from the raid, giving us a total of 9 possible pieces of Azerite Armor! This increase in number will further allow us to fully optimize our gear setups.

Have a Heart

All this added power to our Azerite Armor comes with a Heart of Azeroth level requirement. These values are taken directly from the 8.1 PTR and as such, are subject to change.
These values may seem like a steep increase, but keep in mind the new raid is still at least two to three months away. Nonetheless, you may want to increase your in-game activities that reward Azerite Power to get ready for the new items. I’m pretty sure the Mythic+ rewards will be in the same region of Heart of Azeroth level requirements.
The requirements listed are from outer ring to inner ring, the last being the central orb that grants you +5 item levels on your item.


Head: 22/26/30/34/38
Shoulder: 24/28/32/36/40
Chest: 23/27/31/35/39


Head: 26/29/32/35/38
Shoulder: 28/31/34/37/40
Chest: 27/30/33/36/39


Head: 26/30/34/38/42
Shoulder: 28/32/36/40/44
Chest: 27/31/35/39/43


Head: 26/31/36/41/46
Shoulder: 28/33/38/43/48
Chest: 27/32/37/42/47

As patch 8.1 draws closer, we have a lot of new content to look forward to. However, there are a lot of changes under the hood as well. Most of these mechanical changes deal with Azerite Armor and reducing the RNG in obtaining it and it’s value through Azerite Traits. I can only speak as a hunter, but as it stand now, there are no bad Azerite Armor pieces in the new raid. I look forward to seeing how other classes are affected by these changes. If any new developments pop up, you can be sure to read all about it in a future issue of the Battle for Azeroth Bulletin!